Which birth story do you want to be telling?

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You cannot wait to hold your baby in your arms. You're excited and preparing everything to within an inch of your life. But when it comes to the birth - your head is buried deep in the ground.

Do any of these worries sound familiar?

How will I cope with the pain?

What will the role of my partner be?

It's all a bit clinical - I want my baby to be born in a lovely environment!

What if I need an intervention? How will this impact my baby and my body?

It all sounds a bit...messy and gory

Will my baby be ok?

Don't worry – you're not alone with this.

And we've got your back!

Mind the Bump Hypnobirthing Programme

Because we don't want you to be yet another mother who has a birth horror story that can be avoided.

Our programme is centred around our Serene Birthing Model as developed by Claire, combining her expertise in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Coaching techniques.

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The model works on the concept that acquiring knowledge, preparing your body and adapting your mind is the combination needed for the calm, confident and controlled birth you are hoping for – and that you were designed for!

More about Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing has become increasingly popular for parents who want to feel more positive about the birth of their baby and who want to feel calm and in control both during the birth and in the months building up to it.

With our specifically developed Serene Birthing Model, you will benefit from acquiring knowledge, preparing your body and training your mind. This will help you to prepare for the birth that you want and also to be comfortable with any changes to these plans – because we know that can’t fully control how and when baby will come!

Hypnobirthing can be taken at any time in pregnancy, though normally parents tend to start any-time after 20 weeks.


Some benefits to practicing hypnobirthing:

Wonderful techniques will help to relax mum and baby during pregnancy

By reducing your fear of birth you are much more likely to have a comfortable birth

This is a wonderful way for mum and birth partner to work together towards a common goal

By preparing mind, body and knowledge you will feel more in control

You will learn powerful techniques to help you to remain calm during the birth

This is what the programme includes:

The evolution of birth and the science behind hypnobirthing

Relaxation and breathing exercises to help you now and during the birth

Techniques to let go of any fears of childbirth and help you to visualise a positive birth

Working with your body and mind to maintain a healthy pregnancy

Bespoke audio tracks and resources to reinforce your learning

Option to engage with the Mind the Bump community of like-minded parents

A Mind the Bump Serene Birthing pack filled with useful information and give-aways for your birth!

Equip yourself with hypnobirthing ... for a better birth experience.

Its easy to learn and we can teach in a way that suits you.

There are 3 ways in which you can learn hypnobirthing with us:

Private hypnobirthing course

For those who would like something more tailored

  • You can learn in the comfort of your own home as I will come to you
  • You can take the course all in one day or split into two parts
  • Two personalised audio recordings are included

For course outline, booking and online payment:
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Virtual learning – Coming soon!

  • For those who prefer a more independent approach
  • Receive content and worksheets directly to your email
  • Ask questions and engage via a closed Facebook group

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Private group sessions

Is there is a group of two or more of you who would like learn hypnobirthing together – perhaps your NCT or pregnancy Yoga friends?

If so – get in touch so we can discuss options.

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